Friday, March 02, 2007

Behind the wheel chuckle

On occasion I have to leave the confines of my small town and hit the road to get some exotic groceries of a more international flavor. Normally while behind the wheel, my eyes are glued to the road..unless my head is doing a pre-exorcised possessed-Reagan routine and is turned 180 degrees backward dealing with the two rambunctious kidkins in the back seats.

I'm a parent, so I always have my digital camera handy. With that device, I clicked this gem of marketing marvel that caught my eye the other day.

Okie downhome humor with a twist of ironic wordplay. I approve.


tuesday said...

That piece of poultry looks like it could do with some fattening up. But then again, maybe he's on to something. If he keeps dancing around like that, he may just stay out of the grocery store aisle.

dennis said...

now that was fantastic wordplay!!