Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bowing to pressure from the Defenders of the Universe

Breaking my vow of weekend new blog posting silence is a serious matter.

However, due to requests from several loyal family members of YASTM, I come to you live, on a non-weekday, to present to you, my electronically scanned interpretation of, the Voltron vinyl zipper bag (circa 1985), taken from the warm bosom of my glove box and later found, discarded as fodder of little value by a 13-year old midnight loose change alley stalker.Tuesday, your Voltron name will hereforth be known as Princess Allura. Sexist, I know, but what can I say, there was only one girlie-girl on the Lion Force.

MyBestInvest, sorry but after reading much of your blog, you my friend are to be named Hunk - and no, that is not a come on in any way, shape or form. I was going to make you Lance, but the #5 item in your recent Six Things list made it hard for me to see you as the "snappy punch, speedy pun line" Lion force dude.
Dinotherms connected...megathrusters go!


Princess Allura said...

Off to the universe!

Ohhhhh, ummmmmm...if I'm Princess Allura, and he's Hunk, who are you? You best not be Prince Lotor!

OKDad said...

Wow, a you know how popular you'd be at a Comicon or AnimeFest?

Don't let word get out or you'll soon be innundated with marriage proposals from all over the fanboy universe.

Truth be told, I'm more of a Macross fan than Voltron, but I will always hold a near and dear space in my japanimation filled heart for the lion tribe.

MyBestInvest said...

Dude, I'll take that. That's certainly the first time the word Hunk has been used anywhere near me. And I take that description from you in a 110% manly, hetero way.

Is it bad that my wife is chuckling that my Voltron name would be Hunk?

OKDad said...

Saying 'I do" gives the wifey's all kinds of clout...including the right to chuckle anytime we try to puff ourselves up a bit.

Chuckling at her Voltron Hunk...definitely a Ray Barone moment.

tuesday said...

shhhhhhh...I actually never even heard of Voltron until you mentioned it, but I'm a quick study. Thank goodness for the internet...hehehe.

I just added the DVD to my queue at Netflix...even bumped it to the top. So, I may still turn into a fem-Voltron-fan-geek after all :)

tuesday said...

Guess I'm gonna have to give up my Princess title. I made it all of 10 minutes into the Voltron when I HAD to turn it off. I couldn't take it The storyline that I read online gave me a false sense of how good it was gonna be. It's definitely young-kid type fare.

OKDad said...

You made it 10 minutes, which impresses the heck out of me. My wife wouldn't have lasted through the theme song.

Course, she can't stand SpongeBob either...sacrilege!