Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Living will, or willingly living

Couldn't help but notice the following ad that was placed in today's issue of our local small town news rag.

I'm not sure the legality of a living will published in this way would hold up in a US court, but it sure makes for some thought provoking humpday reading about what items I'd have in my list of things that would indicate some higher brain function activity in my grey matter.

I don't personally know Dorothy, but her entire list including the # of times she lists chocolate and the order in which things are listed (chocolate before and after sex) tells me that she is someone definitely worth knowing.


MyBestInvest said...

That's hilarious.

Why don't you do a post on what would be on your list of stuff if you made an ad like this?

I'll follow up in a day or so on my blog with my list.

tuesday said...

She sounds like quite the She makes a lot of good points too.

I think a living will is sooooo very important. It takes the burden off your family at a very tough and emotional time. My father passed away in December, and I was very blessed to have a family that was all supportive when my mother made the decision to "pull the plug," because we knew that's what my father would've wanted.

A living will is the last good thing you can do for your family.

Patience said...

Dorothy is definitely worth knowing! I love her already!!

I agree with mbinvest - t'would be a good blog topic! (I won't steal the idea but would be willing to be tagged!)

OKDad said...

Tuesday -- sorry to hear about your Father. Hopefully you have some warm smiles and good memories to carry him in your thoughts for the rest of your life.