Friday, March 16, 2007

Pancake toppings

A few weekends ago we bundled the girls up early on a Saturday morning and hustled across the street for an all-you-can-stand-to-consume-in-a-public-venue pancake and sausage fundraiser for the Catholic church's school band.

We always try to support the arts, but little did we know that there, amidst the hundred or so people happily downing flapjacks and skinless link pork products, would we discover a new culinary twist on an old-time favorite.

Sitting next to us at the long, 12-person table, was PK's dance instructor and her familly. This wonderful woman is unfortunately undergoing chemo/radio therapy for breast cancer and we've gotten used to seeing her at lessons and around town with her knit hats and doo-rags donning her noggin.

After the familiar conversational niceties, we all dug into our first of hopefully many platters of griddle cakes, when what did my wondering eyes did appear, but a jar of Braum's peanut butter emerging from the Dance Teacher's oversize tote bag. I covertly nudged my wife and we both proceeded to watch her spread the gooey pressed peanut product over the tops of her pancakes. With the delicacy of a 4-year old doing a grand plie, she then poured the table syrup over the entire stack of doughy comestibles and dug in.

I had to comment.

Was this a special dietary menu to fortify her chemo weakened bones with some sugary protein?
Were we witnessing a new Rachel Ray-inspired snack'em method of eating your way to $40-a-day?
It obviously tasted wonderful, but did Elvis have anything at all to do with this savory syrup sub-layer?

None of the above. She just liked it that way.

Sometimes the simplest answer is also the most satisfying.


tuesday said...

It's amazing what some people find appetizing. My guilty favorite is mashed potatoes smothered in corn.

I was reading a blog from a Peace Corps worker located in Ecuador, and apparently, one of the things her host family served her was tuna with ketchup on it, on a bed of spaghetti with a side of rice. Seems odd, but maybe it's a delicacy down in Ecuador :)

Jake said...

It seems PK's dance instructor and my better half are kindred spirits. There are few things she won't spread or glop PB on. Pancakes, angel food cake, vanilla ice cream and celery to name a few. In fact, she likes PB on her pancakes so much that she now has a recipe for PB pancakes (why spread it on when you can mix it in). They have become one of the family's favorite Sunday morning delights.

Penless Thoughts said...

Hadn't heard of this one but think I'll try it next time I have pancakes because I like peanut butter. I think I'd leave off the syrup though. Can't quite picture both at once!

tuesday said...

Hey OkDad...just wanted to thank you again for recommending that Anne Lamott book. I've gotten so much out of it that I had to go out and buy a copy, not just borrow it from the library. Now, I've got a lot of areas highlighted and putting a lot of her ideas into practice. It's really making me want to fly out to California and take a course from her directly.

tammy said...

Pancakes and butter - the only way to eat 'em!!!