Friday, August 24, 2007

"Hemingway" part deux


It was him.

Just needed to verify a few things before they proceeded with the case.

Hmmm.Social Security # - was the same.
First, middle, last name - same.
Birthdate - June 21, 1963. STRIKE ONE.

"Oops," he said..."that's odd."

"Did you do an IRS lookup on her SS#?" I asked.

Will have someone do that now, if I could hold on....
Prompted by my smirking F-i-L to push on, I pulled out my big guns..."I'm glad you called back, because I've just been talking to my Attorney and he told me that the burden of proof in discharged debt cases often times rests with the collecting party..." Where I got that sentence, I'll never know, but it sounded like good BS to me, so I went with it.

Besides, I figured at this point he wasn't even listening to my ramblings, so I kept going.

I mean, c'mon, logicically to verify S was who she said she was, or in this case, that who she is is not who they're looking for, at the very minimum they should...

1) verify her signature on the original contract,
2) verify with the IRS whether she had ever resided in Michigan, and
3) use pertinent information other than that obtained from a Google search of my wife's name and the fact that she's the only person who responded to your original threat letter canvasing as the basis for your pursuit of her for payment.

All logical to me, but maybe I've read too many detective novels in my days and this kinda whodunit stuff rattles around in my brain along with my Mom's recipe for her killer Chinese chicken salad.

Big Boss comes back and reads off the list of addresses that an IRS search of my wife's SS# turned up -- no Michigan. STRIKE TWO.

I guess two strikes and my legal BS mumbo jumbo were enough to convince Big Boss that for the last year and a half, they had been chasing after the wrong gal after all. He mumbled something about using two different databases and that they weren't in sync with each other.

Couldn't resist - had to toss out one more bit of BS...I asked him what database software was he using, and that maybe I could help them merge the two together...for a fee.

I'm gonna call back next week to see if they had indeed purged wifey's name from the file.

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flintysooner said...

I laughed about merging the databases. It's probably true that they have 2 different ones. We need another Y2K event.