Thursday, August 09, 2007

That's the second biggest rooster I've ever seen!

Here's one of my favorite descriptions of my beloved El Camino (which I can list two of in my vehicle pink slip possession directory)...The El Camino was GM's answer to Ford's wildly popular Ranchero.

The fusion of a passenger car with a pick-up, this early attempt at a dual-purpose vehicle similar in concept to today's Chevy Avalanche was also sold as the GMC Caballero and, when equipped with AstroTurf in the bed, is among the best collegiate party-wagons ever made.

It was potentially fast, too, with V-8 power typically standard. Add air shocks, glasspack mufflers, and "Yosemite Sam" decals, and you have the ultimate redneck station wagon.

But it was missing a sentence, which the following picture taken at a honky tonk juke joint a few miles north of my small town helps to illustrate...

"...and you can carry a heckuva big rooster in the back as well."

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dennis said...

I remember when they first came out...still prefer the Javeline...