Friday, August 31, 2007

Okie lawn ornaments and Fort Sill memories

While this picture postcard view of what was once the "front lawn" of the state capitol complex may have drawn ohhs and ahhs in the days of the big oil boom, I'm thinking there isn't a Chamber of Commerce today that would include such an image on their website.

I mean, c'mon, who would want a bunch of oil derricks as neighbors...unless they were YOUR oil derricks of course.

And how about a big hand for the fella who was waxing poetic on a place that he was obviously enamored with...or not.

Finally, a sobering bit of correspondence to send dedicated YASTM readers on their way to a 3-day weekend, celebrating the working folk of America.

Just an ordinary postcard, sent by an ordinary kid to his ordinary parents during another ordinary day in boot camp at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Think this kid knew what lay in store for him a few short months into the future...on an early December morning, 3700 miles away in Pearl Harbor?

Wonder what ever happened to Private Orville Zschetzsche of Aniwa, Wisconsin

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flintysooner said...

We are an entire nation of rather ordinary folk. He would most likely have volunteered right after Pearl Harbor just like so many others. Truly a great generation and so suitable for the age.

I was down near Marlow on the old farm just yesterday. I never heard a single boom from Ft. Sill. Kind of missed it.

Thanks for sharing.