Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Coming of the home

I don't know how they roll where you live, but in my small town, the Homecoming Queens take to the streets on the tailgate of a pickup, leaving their fancy matching high-heeled pumps at home.

Not to be outdone, the Wrestling Royalty got out the beach chairs and elevated their status a bit. Shoes of course, were still optional.

And there goes our fine young team of varsity footballers, riding the latest trend in fair weather extreme-sport school bound transportation.

Seatbelts are optional.

At the game that night, we sat near the section reserved for the gathering of geezers in town to celebrate Homecoming and their 30th High school reunion.

Other than the fact that most of them had grandchildren the same age as our girls(!), we sadly fit right in.

Our team won, 34-8.

Go team.

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