Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tally ho, away from RI we go

All right, let's tally it all up and say so long to the quahog state...Lobster rolls consumed my moi - 3

Lighthouses spotted to visited ratio - 4:1

U-turns made from the right hand lane - 4

Meals ate in a genuine Worcester dining car in the state named as the birthplace of the American diner- 1

Bottles of locally grown wine decanted and leisurely sipped on the private beach in front of our rental cottage - 1

Number of times I mispronounced the town where our cottage was...Matunuck, before being condescendingly corrected by a local grocer - 1

% cleaner the house was upon our return, even though I did a massive Mother-in-Law cleaning before we left - 99%

Number of grimaces S would dispense every time I'd pick up a carved wooden salty dog figure or lighthouse statue in a tacky nautically stocked gift shop - 100+

Ratio of ghosts seen, felt, and heard to Walking ghost tours taken - 0:1 (most disappointing).

Ears of fresh corn purchased at local roadside farm stands, then cooked and consumed on the upstairs deck overlooking the beach - 6 each

State where we'll be spending our anniversary next year - Arizona

The Grand Canyon for our 10th anniversary. Not too shabby.

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Darren said...

Nice job with the RI posts. I think I stayed in Matunuck once. For the past few years we've stayed in Narragansett.