Friday, October 05, 2007

Mother-in-law house cleaning

The almost all consuming activity that I've been involved in for a good portion of the last two days has duly convinced me that I am in favor of the development of artificially intelligent, non-sentient, fully independently operative beings.

Especially to help with what I'm labeling "Mother-in-Law House cleaning."

In my book, there are many different levels of house cleaning...

The buddies-coming-over-to-help-wrench-on-the-car house cleaning.
The unexpected drop-in guest house cleaning.
The parents-coming-over-to-drop-off-a-little-something-for-the-kids house cleaning.
The 20-couples-coming-over-for-a-dinner-party house cleaning.
The I-can't-stand-to-live-in-a-pig-sty-so-let's-sell-everything-and-move-to-a-cave house cleaning.
Then there's the Queen of England stopping in for a spot of tea and bringing the media house cleaning.

But at the top of them all, the most anal-retentive, spic and span, bleached white glove and quarter-bouncing-on-the bed cleaning jobs to befall this house (and possibly yours as well), is the Mother-in-Law staying in your house for a week cleaning.

While I'm fully aware of the existence of the Merry Maids and the myriad of other domicile cleaning services at my checkbook's disposal, I have a soul. Because of this, I would not subject even a professional house cleaner to such a task as I have been and am now facing.

The reason this happens once a year is explained here.

So, every October while I'm performing a much needed and massive round of picking up, sweeping under, hiding, scrubbing, dusting and moving, I whistle while I work and chalk it up as a cathartic routine that's a small price to pay for a week long getaway with my blushing bride of 9 years (this year).

This also signals my farewell-for-now blog posting, as I'll be moving into Luddite mode for the next week and be sans laptop and net access - by choice.

Upon my return I hope to post my customary musings on our trip to the most foreign land known as Rhode Island, as well as the revelation on what great state in this most wonderful of countries we'll be spending our 10th anniversary in.

Until then enjoy these posts from last years anniversary trip and wish us luck as we enter the realm of the TSA, yet again.

Georgia '06a
Georgia '06b
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flintysooner said...

There is the clean-the-house-before-the-cleaning-people come over to clean the house.

This one seems to be particularly divided along gender lines.