Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Missing cattle and their "fries"

From our small town paper...

Now, while the loss of a family pet is both agonizing and tragic, squint your eyes and read the heading above the "Missing Pug" ad.

Now I know you're wondering, just like I was, what would possess a perfectly good micro-herd of cattle to go missing. Good grass, sturdy fence, all the alfalfa they can eat, mild winter temps, and occassional visits from the nice rancher in his F-150 4x4. Sounds like a good life.

Then I found this item in the same paper...

Followed by this item...

Something tells me this herd of missing cattle may have heard it through the barbwire fence vine what those odd, bipedal-hat-wearing-pickup-truck-driving mammals are eating in masse this time of the year.

Hell, I'd run too.

For those of you scratching your head, click here for wikipedias definition.

In addition to this interesting ritual of rural small town fundraising culinary cuisine, I found it even stranger that we were now auctioning off our FFA students. Read the bottom line in the last picture above.

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