Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Big city survival guide

A colleague from S's office is moving to LA to become a documentary filmmaker.

I know, I know. There are a dozen valid reasons why someone who wants to be a documentary filmmaker should NOT move to LA.

But she's young, has never left Oklahoma, and the glittery lights of the Industry look pretty bright from way out here in Okie-land. It's only when you get into the trenches of show biz do you see the filth, greed, insecurity and relative insignificance of the movie business as a whole.

So, S did what any good friend would do and sent her on her way with a hug, wishes of success and safety, and an appropriate going away present.

The Los Angeles County Thomas Guide.

In the days before in-car/portable GPS, Mapquest, anywhere access to web browsers, wireless hot spots, cell phones, Palms and Blackberry's, the only way to find your way around in the sprawl known as Southern California was to ask directions (yeah, right) and the Thomas Guide.

Saavy Angelenos still carry one in their car, although it may be 20-years old and completely out of date. However, just knowing that little book was riding shotgun always made me feel secure in my driving adventures into the unknown arteries and avenues of LA/Orange/San Diego/Bakersfield and Ventura Counties.

The crowd that had gathered around the table as the future traveller thumbed through her new map book, marveled at how sprawling LA was. Then S kicked the legs out from under their chairs when she mentioned the 4 neighboring counties that have their own Thomas Guide editions, all just as big or bigger than the LA edition.

Heads were spinning.

I see from their website, that Thomas Guides are nov available for the following areas:
Northern & Central California
Pacific Northwest
Washington, DC Area

Ahh, the select lucky few to benefit from this wonder of both ancient (book) and modern (satellite accuracy) technology.

Good luck J-Po and hold on tight. It will be a bumpy ride.

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