Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Priorities with a DishTV twist

The big green house is no more.

After almost two years of being on the market, two different realtors, about a dozen walk-throughs, and a 40% drop in it's original asking price, the huge house next door was sold.

A few phone calls to key contacts within my growing network of neighborhood know-nicks revealed the buyer to be a Director of some department at a major hospital out in the city.

Kids, none.
Pets, unknown.
Wife's profession, unknown, but rumor is that she paints.

An acquaintance who runs one of the two title/escrow joints in town mentioned that the buying couple restored an old house in their old neighborhood and may have been looking for a new project that is located between where their aging parents live and where he works - our town being at the halfway point.

So, it would seem that on the surface our new neighbors may be D.I.N.K.'s who are adequately strapped to take on the daunting task of restoring their stately statehood era abode to it's original splendor.

Sounds like the exact people we were looking for to buy the Green House nextdoor.

Enter Direct TV.

While folding yet another basket of pinks and purples fresh out of the dryer, a quick glance out my breakfast nook window revealed several workmen in blue shirts clamoring around the second floor eaves of the green house, running coaxial cable from a satellite dish mounted very discreetly on an overhang.

An hour or so later I notice two men carrying what looked like a fairly well loaded entertainment shelf unit out of a red pickup and through the front door...then they left.

Satellite TV, home entertainment system...all that's missing is the big plasma screen high def boob tube, which I'm sure will be delivered fresh from BestBuy.com sometime soon.

And yet, the brick foundation under the green house is blowing away with each shift in the earth's crust. Additionally, there is no heat or air upstairs, the kitchen is gutted, the electrical wiring is non-grounded (circa 1940's copper), the water heater is rusting through at the base, the exterior asbestos siding needs to be addressed, the entire front porch is falling in from wood rot, there may be termites throughout, the three car garage out back is operating at a slant enough to prevent any of the doors from opening and the house needs an inside cleaning worthy of 2-years of collected dirt, dust, and bird poop (an upstairs window flew open during many a wind storm and the birds found a nice place to crash).

And yet, Mr. New Owner's gotta get his MTV...or more likely his OU football games.

First installs say a lot about what a person can and can't live with/without in their new nest.

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