Friday, May 18, 2007

The tale of a flirtatious canine

As Franny began approaching her 6-month birthday, I started noticing her flirtatious behavior toward the boy dogs on our walking routes become increasingly frantic and borderline violent.

Both my Wife and I knew going in that we weren't going to be schnoodle breeders and had no interest in selling our pooches babies from out under her, so spaying our little girl was never an issue.

The deed has been done, she's in her 7th day of recovery, and her stitches are just about ready to come out.

Under doctors orders, her walks have been limited to short distances for doing her doodie duties, but today I took her down the alley I've labeled as the "gauntlet of canine love."

Every yard on this stretch of the alley has at least one male dog occupying it's backyard environs. Many have several dogs. One has 4. Had Franny gone into heat and been taken down this "doogie red light district" I've no doubt we'd have seen some ridiculously high fences vaulted by many a randy boy dogs.

As we made our way down this alley, I was surprised to see Franny automatically kick into her flirtatious un-ladylike behavior immediately upon getting a whiff of a ready male suitor. It was like her girlie innerds had never been removed and her instinct to reproduce was as strong as ever.

Now I'm wondering just how long does it take for "those" particular hormones to leave her system?

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