Monday, May 07, 2007

Two burros and a Wyld Stallyn please

Ran across this ad in our local small town newspaper this weekend.

The thought of adopting a couple of government asses at a discount crossed my mind, but then I remembered who I was and felt ashamed for even thinking of using such a bad pun.

Course, nothing prevents me from posting said bad pun here in my blog.

Then there was this...

Back in my spirited days of youthful exhuberance and mischief, some friends of mine (ahem) used their trusty Thomas Guides to locate silly and/or cooly named streets only to sneak out in the middle of the night to attempt to procure any metal signage bearing the streets name.

Highly valued scores included, "Easy Street," "Bob Hope Drive," or any sign containing the name of a particular girl whom we were all pining over.

However, given some thought with a twist of irony, "Bait Shop" would be funny hanging up in some teenagers bedroom.

Not that I'm condoning such a procurement.


Patience said...

You mean to tell me there is a Bait Shop Sign thief loose?!? Protect the women & children!!

OKDad said...

"Protect the women & children!!"...the visuals of that just cracked me up.