Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fargo in my small town

A few weeks back these items appeared in our local paper's most recent crime roll.

As an avid reader of mystery and spy novels, I caught myself having a brain feast on the nefarious possibility that all three of the car related incidents were somehow involved in a crime spree of a more magnificent scale.

Unable to find a more common thread to take hold of and pull to it's logical conclusion for the big picture crime, here are my musings none-the-less...

June 14 - An able mechanic, wandering the highways of America with a good set of jumper cables and a few spare parts could make a pretty good dime repairing and driving off with the wide assortment of roadside automotive roadkill.

Course, if this had been a "tan Ciera" with some blood stains in the back and a "funny looking-kinda guy" behind the wheel, I'd just keep moving along (Fargo fans Unite!)

June 15 - There's a story circulating amongst my wife's family about an Aunt who had a Toyota T-100 pickup for 10+ years, traded it in for a brand new Chevy Silverado, took it back a few hours later because the brand new Ford wasn't half the truck her decade old Toyota was, only to find that the dealer had sold the Toyota truck minutes after she had traded it in.

Makes me wonder if the Chevy truck thief had second thoughts, returned the truck and is now out trolling for a Toyota pickup to steal.

June 21 - Proves that people will steal anything that isn't nailed down, bolted on, locked up....or has a good bead of weld on it.

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