Friday, July 20, 2007

Remember those cheesy mix tapes you'd make for your gf/bf?

At first glance I dismissed the shiny round and flat object laying in the grass as another escapee from the trash truck that rumbled down Main Street to the dump just north of town earlier in the A.M.

But when Franny and I passed it again at the tail end of our morning walk, the 15 minutes of walking the pooch had found my mind filled with thoughts of the discarded CD and the possibilities contained therein.Could be a dvd copy of the the 1982 version of Annie starring where-is-she-now actress, Aileen Quinn.

Possibly, it was a security encoded disc containing the launch codes to the ICBM's sitting in the launch silos disguised as grain elevators just north of town.

More than likely it was a music CD of some stray Country Western band that I'd recognize as easily as that girl I knew in 5th grade who used to like to rub my crew cut during class while I threaded the film projector.
Regardless, since my curiosity could be easily satiated by a quick pickup, cleaning, and insertion of the shiny digital disc into my laptop, it was a no-brainer.

Oh, and there's no way I would have attempted springing this alien cd onto any peecee running any version of Windoze, whereas I felt totally confident sticking this plastic media of unknown origin into my Mac OSX runner. Reason # 1492 why I am a Mac guy.

A few "haaah-haaah's" of breath for moisture, my tee-shirt and fingers as cleaning instruments, a quick check for any gnarly surface scratches and the cd that was only minutes before high tech road kill, found it's way into my laptops SuperDrive.

The disc mounted, iTunes launched and what I found was an unusual, and surprisingly eclectic collection of songs -- none of which were in my current digital music library I might add, so score on that front.

Listen to the short collage I put together of the songs on the CD, and confirm for me that this would be the absolute LAST collection of songs you would expect to find on a mix (tape) CD that was sniffed out and recovered from a rural Oklahoma roadside.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps 10 years ago I would have been surprised.

But the Internet now makes music available for just about everybody. The significance of this development is huge.

I also grew up in a small town, and I'm old enough to remember that if you wanted an album that wasn't at a Wal-Mart or record store, you had to either order it (which could take weeks) or call a number of mail order hope they had it. It wasn't that long ago when some music (especially punk, R&B and rap) simply wasn't available for small-town kids.

But now iTunes and other music sites allow kids in Elk City to download music just as readily as kids in Los Angeles. The Internet is a great populist equalizer.

Iwamoto said...

That cd sounds like something I would have----a definite score, Cuz!!

Charlotta-love said...

Sounds like a cd I have. It was a collection of favorite songs by all of us in a group. There were about 10 and the songs ranged quite a bit.

The only other idea I have is that a gansta is dating a top 40's fan and they put their favorites on a cd "every other one". What a bizarre combination of songs. lol.