Friday, July 04, 2008

A pair of firsts, on the 4th

PK was resplendent in her $8 blue with white polka dots Target dress and $7 red/white/and blue hair piece as she stood up on stage and belted out her version of "God bless America."

30 minutes later she was elated and honored to be crowed Miss Firecracker of our small towns 4th of July Parade festivities.

A first for her.

What makes these kinds of victories difficult is the small town conundrum -- your victory equals someones else's defeat -- someone you know and like and would normally be cheering for.

In this case, PK's only other competition were the daughters of two well liked and well respected couples in town. The first one being the daughter of C's first softball coach and a popular 4th grade teacher. The other was the lovely daughter of our local Fire Department Chief -- and nationally known for the totally YouTubed video of his hanging-off-a-helicopter-skid-while-pulling-people-to-safety heroics.

PK took the crown with pride and I'm sure in her mind, was promising to only use her power for good and to help solve world hunger

The resulting flurry of activity last night found her sitting 4 abreast on the rear deck of a vintage VW beetle with the three other little Firecracker-royalty during the annual 4th of July Downtown parade this morning.

Big sister was surprisingly supportive and excited for her younger sibling to be receiving the bulk of the attention for the evening, but I'm sure she'll more than make up for it when she takes to the parade route at the wheel of her decked out and bespangled Plasma Car, as she accompanies me in the parade.


Apparently, someone nominated the walking trails non-profit board of directors I have served with for 3 years running, to be the Grand Marshal's of this years parade and wouldn't you know it, we got it.

My first parade as co-Grand Marshal.

3+ years from LA-immigrant to small town 4th of July Parade Grand Marshal. Scary to think what the next 3 years may bring?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your honor! Today the Grand Marshall, tomorrow--THE WORLD!!! Next thing you know, the football coach is going to start asking advice on play calling.

Anonymous said...

Grand marshal, huh? Looks like you're being accepted as a Okie after all.

And as soon as you start using Okie terms such as "y'all" and "fixin' to," you'll know you're native.