Friday, July 11, 2008

Seattle to Oklahoma...or bust

Didja hear it?

The other day when money finally did all the talking and the path was cleared for the Seattle Supersonics NBA franchise to make the move to Oklahoma City, there was a stirring of the atmosphere unlike anything I've felt before.

It wasn't the excitement of the NBA bigwigs in finally settling the question of whether or not OKC deserved a pro team.

Nor was it the excitement of the 11,000 would-be fans who lined up and logged online within 24-hours of the announcement to buy season tickets.

It wasn't even the excitement of the Seattle fans to be rid of their beloved team whom they've lost much faith in these past few years.

No, it was definitely more in line with what Obi Wan felt on the fore deck of the Millennium Falcon when the Death Star was test fired on Alderaan and a billion or so Alderaanians were wiped out along with their planet...a great crying out of agony, followed by stunning silence.

I'm referring of course to the Seattle Supersonics staff and general office workers who learned they either had to move to Oklahoma, or lose their jobs.

A great crying out, then stunned silence.

I imagine this blog may be getting a few more search engine referral hits in the coming months as Seattilians contemplating the move may start googling for info on topics previously discussed here at YASTM.

As an uncooth and uncultured So Cal native, I say welcome oh' drinkers of fine coffees and originators of grunge rock. Come on in, the water is just sure to check for alligator snapping turtles though. And please don't try noodling with a Starbucks caramel macchioato on your breath...our channel catfish are more partial to Folgers crystals.


Malaise Inc said...

Amen, brother, amen. This product of Western New York is quite happy here in Oklahoma. I came here on a job promotion in 1996, intending to stay only 2 years. 12 years later, I have no intention of moving.

The Diva said...

That was funny. Loved it. Oklahoma isn't so bad once you are immersed in it.~~Dee