Thursday, November 17, 2005

Having more in common with a 10-year old

Sitting at C's tumbling class, I noticed the brother of one of C's tumbling mates was reading the latest Harry Potter novel.

He looked up and I asked him what part he was up to.

What followed was a one hour discussion of the book so far, the series, the upcoming film (opening tonight at midnight), and all things Harry Potter.

It was a most enjoyable conversation, since my daugthers aren't old enough to read, my wife doesn't have time to read, and even if she did, the HP books would not be at the top of her reading wish list.

Several parents were seated nearby, including this bright young lads mother and father, who had either found interest in our conversation, or were just suspiciously monitoring the situation of a strange man talking to their impressionable son.

I told them the story of meeting a fella by the name of "Tom Riddle" the other day. My reaction to him, was of course, one of amusement as I completely expected him to immediately come back with a comment regarding his famously villianous name.
Quite the opposite. This Tom Riddle wasn't aware of the infamy of his literary namesake in the wizarding world of JK Rowling. He had never read the HP books, seen the films, or shown any interest in it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the young boys jaw dropped and he loudly uttered, "no waaaaaay....Tom Riddle?" I smiled and nodded in agreement, enjoying the proper reaction that any HP fan would display, having heard the name, "Tom Riddle."

His parents and several other adults in close proximity reacted to the young lads loud reaction.

I surmised that none of them knew the infamy of the name, Tom Riddle, either.

10-year olds of the world unite (including my 44-year old brother and 70-year old mother). And if you're reading this and don't shudder (or smile, depending on how much evil fills your heart) at the mere mention of the name, Tom Riddle aka Him whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken, then rest easy knowing those of us who do know the name, will keep the rest of you safe and free from his influence.


Kenn said...

One of the fun parts of the sabbatical, that was the well documented in the Oxford Journals, was being at Christ Church. It seems strange that after century of turning out the elite of England ruling class, it is now most famous for the Harry Potter connection. I enjoyed eating the Great Hall, entering each meal from the top of McGonagall’s’s steps and most of all sitting at the high table just about where Hagrid sat.

But, my personal, secret top of the line, once in a lifetime, never told anybody private moment was picking up the new Harry Potter in London the day it came out, taking the train to Oxford and then while at Christ Church reading the latest installment.

I’m not really sure that life gets any better than that.

OKDad said...

Ah yes, and yet another 10-year old (at heart) enters the Great Hall.

Still, not a lot of 10-year olds I know can quote lines from the Bard the way you can.