Thursday, November 10, 2005

A skunkie came a calling...

Had some warm evenings of late, strange for early November in Oklahoma to be in the 70's after the sun goes down.
Yet it enabled me to spend some peaceful late nights sitting by an open window with my laptop, enjoying the fresh fall breeze.

The other night, I heard the familiar sound of what I thought was a neighborhood cat rooting around in the brushy area beneath our kitchen window.

I profess no great love for cats, especially ones that use my flower beds as their litter box. I stood up to get a good look at this particular night pooper and readied my best scary voice to send it scampering away in the dark.

What at first appeared to be a familiar black and white feline, to my great surprise, turned out to be a full grown skunk.

Pepe Le Pew was in the hizzous.

He/She/It rooted around for awhile, not at all interested in the homo sapien male that was getting ready to tear apart both sash cords as he slammed down a window at the first sign of aggressive skunk behavior. It left without incident.

Later that night, I heard ol' Pepe get into a tussle with one of the many alley cats that frequent our environs. From the darkness emerged the unmistakeable sound of a skunk assuming it's best defensive position with the cat paying the price. The malodorous melee took place at the far end of our neighbors yard, yet I'll be keeping the windows closed around the house for awhile.

Good thing the temps turned cold yesterday.

Wonder if cats like bathing in tomato juice?


Herb said...

According to this story it could not have been PePe LePew. It must have been an imposter.

Ed said...

Tomato juice really doesn't work. The cat would still be stinky, pissed off and a shade of pink. My first dog liked skunk. We've been hit a few times. We used the tomato juice and it would take the smell down from a catagory 5 stench down to a 3. Still very much there. I had a groomer that use to use a cup of bleach in the bath water, that took it down to a tropical depression. Noticable yet not overwhelming. Just a linger hint of stench, like wok fried gym shorts.