Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Real or toy?

Pulled into our local Love's/Subway gas stop/convenience store/sandwich shoppe the other day.

Saw this upon entering the store...

Take a closer look..

I just hope the clerks are trained to be able to tell the difference between the toy guns and an actual gun being used in a robbery.

Only 26 shopping days left!

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Kenn said...

I don’t even want to get started on your Brother-in-Law and his hunting. The truth being that I don’t have an issue with that, that is how I grew up. I went on my first hunting with my Dad when I was 12. Didn’t get a deer that time, or any of the other three times we went out. The last time I went hunting I was 19 and in college. A couple of other “good old boys” and I went out when on the first day of the season. There is a longer story here, but the bottom line is, that I gave up hunting somewhere during the time I spend hiding behind a log as someone took several shots at me. I was pined down for about 20 minutes. To this day I don’t know if it was a hunter who couldn’t tell me from wildlife, a jilted girlfriend or a deer with a riffle. It doesn’t matter anymore, as I don’t eat anything that doesn’t come from the supermarket.

Boy, oh boy… You’re not in Kansas any more. Well, maybe you are. Even though in your part of the woods I guess they wouldn’t appreciate the Kansas reference.

So, boy, oh boy… You’re not in San Gabriel anymore, are you? On the other hand, I’ll bet the young 8 year old has never had the pleasure, nay, let me say the rush, you get with a drive by shooting. Though in this case it sounds like Brock would return fire. Perhaps stretch a gang bangers carcass across the fender on his new John Deere. The pride that floods through Bart and Dee Dee’s heart is something that only a county boy could experience.

However, there is a take-away from all this. “bought with his summer earnings from plowing.” Sounds like Brock is a prime candidate for whatever yard work you may need around your place.

The Culture shock continues.