Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mutant Squirrels

Recently on our morning walks, PK likes to mimic the squirrels that have taken up residence in the trees surrounding our neighborhood.

Every acorn she finds on the ground, becomes the property of said 2 1/2-year old toddler.

She gets frustrated because the size, girth, and weight of the acorns on our block are such that she can only fit a few into each pocket.

Which explains why the squirrels around here aren't afraid of the cats, opossums, skunks, or medium sized homo sapiens -- they still shudder with fear at the sight of me, but are unphased whenever C or PK approaches them.

This morning PK wanted to take our Radio Flyer wagon on our walk. Not to ride in, mind you. She just wanted to hoard more acorns and needed to bring in the heavy equipment.

Least she won't starve this winter when our supply of rice runs out.

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