Thursday, October 06, 2005

All things Apple

Mac users
Mac users are scarce here in my small town, but I managed to find one.

Standing on a street corner waiting to cross the street, of all places.

He was searching his 1st gen iPod for a particular song and was carrying a notebook on which was stuck the trademark frosty Apple sticker you get when you purchase a new Apple computer.

A definite user.
Me - (pointing to his Apple decal), how do you like your new G5?
MacGeek - (grinning) I wish.
Me - Yeah, me too.
MacGeek - Dual 2.7 G5's...awesome.
Me - You seen the new Nanos?
MacGeek - Only online. Bet they don't make it here for a few months.
Me - When's the Apple Store opening up at Penn?*
MacGeek - Supposed to be by Christmas.
Turns out he's studying web programming (likes Perl, hates Java, can't seem to grok CSS's just yet). He was a Windoze user until a prof at Tuttle turned him onto the Unix/Mac operating system on his iBook.
Then he got his iPod on eBay.
Then he got an Apple loan for his iBook (where he got his decal).
Hasn't looked back since. Yet another switcher.

Also gratifying to hear that there are some safe and sane tech profs at the vocational school level that aren't blindly preaching the benefits of what I consider to be the lowest common denominator of operating systems, windoze.

We mac geeked out for awhile, then I started to get that old feeling of Steve Jobs worship, so I had to leave.

Steve Jobs is not a God. Steve Jobs is not a God. Steve Jobs is not a God.

.mac account
Just had to renew my .mac membership for $108 and some change. Worth every penny of it, but I only mention making the payment since a co-worker at my old employer would get it comped for me -- u da man, Seth, baby.

Not much I miss about the old cube farm (other than the people, the work, lunches with the nerd herd, comped .mac account, new Mac's every other year or so to work on, friendly competition between us and the Windoze engineers, my Herman Miller Aeron chair, etc.).

*Working for Apple
I got a call a few weeks back from Apple-Cupertino about a resume I had sent in last March. When I was still in my job-hunting phase of our move to OK, I was thrilled to see that an actual Apple Store would be opening at a nearby mall.

Intrigued, but not at all interested, I called the Apple person back, we spoke.
A different Apple person called back, we spoke some more.
The first Apple person called back and wanted to set up a face-to-face.
I told them I wasn't interested at this time.
They said they'd only keep my resume for 6 months. I said fine and asked when the store would open.
Holiday Season 2005.



Anonymous said...

no no no.. you da man.

OKDad said...

Alas, I was da man. Now I do housework, and have deep discussions with soccer moms at WalMart.

da man has left the building...

Anonymous said...

No longer comped. But still worth every penny (all 10,820 of them).

I've been enjoying your writing. The memories you're preserving are going to be a nice gift for your eventual great grandchildren, in addition to their current capacity to curling the corners of a friend's mouth skyward.

Keep it up and I might just need to audition for a role in the next Batman movie. :-)