Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Oh, the horror!

Yesterday, the girls and I took the two block trek out to the local county health dept. office for our free flu shots, courtesy of the state of Oklahoma.

I went first while PK napped on my shoulder. NP

PK was still snoozing for her shot, so no problem there -- or so I thought.

She woke up momentarily upon insertion of the pointy object, and probably would have gone right back to sleep, had it not been for the pre-innoculation-blood-curdling-hair-raising screams emanating from the deepest bowels of C's nightmare-on-elm-street inner pained self.

I had to get another nurse to hold the now wailing PK, while I picked up and held onto C during her shot.

Held? More like anaconda-gripped, tightest-burrito-you've-ever-eaten wrapped up to contain her kicking legs, flailing arms, head-butting head, and kung-fu grip hands.

Good thing I trimmed her nails the other day.

As most shots go, it was over before it started and we were all sucking down ice cream scoops at Braum's Dairy soon afterward.

Normally I wouldn't partake due to my lactose intolerance, but I ordered a double shot of chocolate chip cappucino to help heal the emotional scars of the experience.

Upside to this anecdote came as we were leaving the building, both girls in semi-recovery of their senses. I told C that she didn't have to get another flu shot until next year.

She muttered to herself, "..I'm gonna tear that building down before then."

She's a slugger, that one is.

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