Monday, October 03, 2005

Hey, get your car washed today...

Car washes are not a luxury item here in my small town. You can find multi-stall do-it-yourself car wash joints in just about every town with running water.

This land isn't called Red Earth Country just to pay homage to it's original residents. Oklahoma's trademark dirt is red, sticky, and refuses to stay on the ground. Dry, wet, windy, humid -- no matter what the environmental conditions, Oklahoma's top soil WILL end up on your vehicle.

CLK to F-150 -- sano your ride for $.75

Why do the varmints cross the road? I've blogged this before.
Here, here and here.

From completely intact bug carcasses, to road kill remnants stubbornly sticking to the ribs of your aging sexy import. Dead or near dead impromptu hitchikers can add severe poundage to the GVW of your ride.

Grand Am to Grand Prix - expunge the carrion for $.75

One thing I noticed at our local car wash was an extra setting on the select-o- dial labeled "Engine Cleaning and Degreaser."

Steam clean your Tonawanda built big block V-8 for $.75

This engine cleaning setting was outlawed in California about the time I was in high school, looking to steam clean the grease off the chrome laden small block in my hot rod Nova.

EPA didn't like the thought of millions of gallons of soapy motor grease running out into the Santa Monica bay.

No such restrictions here (least not for the time being). Wonder where all the millions of gallons of soapy motor grease runs out to here in my small town?

Funny tasting well water for $.75?

Yes, we have a reverse osmosis filtration system on our drinking water.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you might need more than just clean drinking water.

OKDad said...

Uhh, Central Oklahoma is a little far for "an Aqua Solutions consultant come to you to provide you with a detailed plan to handle any and all water problems or concerns you may have in your home or business."

But I appreciate the gesture and give you props for your .com plug. Escondido and Glendale are about 1300 miles too far.

Our local paper publishes water quality results for our county on a monthly basis. I send them to my Father who is retired from LA DWP. He gets them "deciphered" by some guys he knows in the QCM department.

They tell me for a rural, farm community, our water is relatively clean.

Luckily, there aren't any pig farms in the area. Gotta watch those nitrates.