Thursday, September 13, 2007

300 Spartan's reincarnated with wings

I had mentioned in a previous post the ill fated flights of many a feathered friend during the storms that flooded our county.

The clean up continues, as evidenced by a recent sidebar in our local news rag.

An article in a previous edition cited the fact that during a huge storm, our local avian population will just fly into the wind as long as they can, before falling down dead of exhaustion. Once down, the wind carries their feathered corpses into and against the nearest wall or fence.

I have to believe that if Leonidis and his 300 Spartan's were ever reincarnated, they would have had to come back as some of these birds...never retreat, never surrender!

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Unknown said...

Some of my "city" friends have waxed poetically about the grace and certainty of our feathered friends.

I think when you more live among them you realize they also have their fair share of klutzy individuals.

The same holds for what happens to them day in day out.

Good post.