Friday, September 28, 2007

Chunkin' a deuce to his farm boy homies

An article ran on the front page of our small town paper this week about the at-risk kids program in our area. Billed as a "credit recovery program," this special school is where kids go to get "caught up," as opposed to the popular misconception that it's the last educational bastion for pregnant teens and troubled youth.

Our local program seems to be doing just fine, touting over 56 graduates in 7 years and an annual enrollment of 10-18 kids.

A group picture accompanying the story was provided by the school, with the one student on the end and his flashing phalanges grabbing my attention...

The online Urban Dictionary defines his little sideways peace sign offering as "Chunking a deuce."

At one time it may or may not have been a bona-fide street gang sign, but like so much contemporary youth-related lexicon, it has been thoroughly homogenized as a simple sign of greetings and/or respect.

Still, I'm wondering how many of my fellow 4380 townsfolk will notice one youth's adolescent attempt at injecting some supposed urban hipness into his decidedly rural environment.

As far as his personal style choices go, he appears to be a perfect candidate for one of the teams of internet tech support agents I managed, many years ago.

On second glance, he's actually a little too normal looking.

Put a ram chip on the end of a 6-foot walking stick carved from a burned out bristlecone pine in his right hand, and sling a Microsoft MCSD study manual under his other, then I'd hire him on the spot...

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Unknown said...

I am glad you posted that because I had no idea what it meant. I have to say I like the words better than the gesture.

Last Sunday at church we had some rap as part of the service by some of the youth. I caught a word or two. I think it is going to be another piece of popular culture that passes me by.