Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We can't go on together, with suspicious minds

YASTM has been getting a lot more traffic lately and since I moved to Oklahoma from the place where both smog and Sig alerts were invented, I became suspiciously curious to find out what gross polluter was causing my hit count to increase.

How's that for some cheesy yet snazzy smog/traffic metaphors...?

So, onto technorati I went and lo and behold I discovered this...

What can I say...but that some fellow Okie bloggers must be on crack.

Best Overall Blog?

Thanks, but c'mon, have you checked out some the other nominees?

I'm a rusted out, oil leaking, 1961 Chevy Corvair driving on the shoulder of a digital tollroad alongside 3 lanes of tricked out, chromed up, smooth rolling and ABS braking purebreds. In a world of CSS stylesheets, custom widgets, pho'shopped backgrounds and YouTubed streamed snippets of depth and desire, I'm a templated, helvetica'd, html'd grungeblogger.

Best Writing Blog?

Hmm, note to self...locate Mr. Hooper, notify him of my blog's nomination, send him a 12-pack of Charmin.

Seriously, thank you to my fellow Okie Bloggers for the nominations. I'll keep writing, if you keep reading.

Heck, I'll keep writing even if you don't keep reading, but I didn't want you to feel the least bit slighted.


Unknown said...

Congratulations. I didn't know there was a Blog Oklahoma.

I really enjoy reading your blog so glad you are continuing.

Anonymous said...

OKDad, you deserve the nomination. I nominated you, but I'm 100 percent certain I wasn't the only one.

You really ought to write a screenplay about your life changes from L.A. to rural Oklahoma. Some people will never believe it's nonfiction.

OKDad said...

Ahh, Mr. 66 himself, so you're the culprit. Thanks for the boost and the props.

I kinda see my escapades in rural OK the same way I see a gradated filter. Let me explain.

In the old, pre-digital effects days of filmmaking, when a Cinematographer wanted a dramatic sky, they toss in a gradated filter in the matte box and walla, instant dramatic sky -- as long as you didn't pan or tilt the camera.

Nowadays, it's all done in post and digitally via software.

Still, on many occasions, my wife and I have been driving down an Oklahoma highway, looked out at the dramatic sunset and she'd say, "if we shot this sky, people would think we were using a grad filter."

And I'll add, "or we made this sunset up in post."

In other words, no one watching the film would believe the incredible nature made views we get out here in Okie land. It would stretch the limits of their non-Okie imagination.

Anonymous said...

Ron wasn't the only one who nominated you. :)