Monday, July 21, 2008

Celebrate the living

A shroud of sadness enveloped the entire week of family festivities due to some unexpected and horrible medical news from a much beloved and important member of our family.

That "C" word has struck yet again in one of whom I share my DNA with, which explained the painful absence of an integral family in our expanding clan.

While all the members of our tribe that have or have had cancer are in various stages of recovery, the contemptible "C" that has invaded my beloved cousin's body is nothing to sneer and jeer at as just another bunch of tumors that can be chemo'd/radio'd away.

Our lovely Suz has a long road of recovery ahead of her, almost as tough will the trials and tribulations suffered through by her dedicated husband, kids and surrounding family.

But it's a road she will travel with the same organizational strength, conviction of self-preservation, and dedication of duty that she has possessed from an early age and carries with her today.

Don't fret S and K. Even in your absence your extended family was able to pull themselves together and enjoyed a wonderful obon, plentiful clan gatherings over food, games and talk, and multiple moments of reminiscent delight and good-hearted laughter at the jocular expense of others.

We did indeed celebrate the living by honoring dead.

Living = you, Suz.

Gambatte S & K, and thanks for sending J to us. She is the light.

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Anonymous said...

Healing thoughts and well wishes being sent you and your family member's way.