Friday, July 25, 2008

Winter view of my house courtesy of Google Maps

Last year, C's 2nd grade teacher made pretty good use of their in-classroom SmartBoards and Google Maps net tech and turned the combination into an exciting lesson in "the world is a small place and getting smaller every second due to the internet."

C came home fascinated by the technology that allowed us to see our house from a satellites p.o.v. and was even more marveled when I showed her that she could now see a streeside view pic of our actual house via Google Maps.

In case you haven't checked it out in awhile, type your own address into Google Maps and see what video grab of your house the Googly-eyed SUV driving personnel took of your humble abode. Heck, if they made it to my small town, they may have made it to yours as well.

Own own domestic square of small town Oklahoma appears to have been vid-grabbed sometime last winter, as the trees are bare, the grass is brown, and not a dropped leaf is in sight. At least it's a sunny day and the Elky is sitting proudly in the driveway, beckoning middle-aged muscle car aficionados traveling down our street to mutter to themselves, "I knew a guy who had one of those in high school..."

For obvious reasons I won't post the vid-grab of our house in this post, but I will gladly invade the privacy of the person living in our old house in So Cal and post their pic.

It looks to have been taken some time ago as well, since I know the construction going on at our old neighbors house has been completed for some time.

I do miss our palm trees out front, and the sound the dead, dried 26.5 lb. fronds would make as they broke loose and smashed to the ground in the middle of the night..sigh.


Anonymous said...

hrm think they have skipped us so far

dennis said...

We checked out ours and found that we had our garage door up, and were painting closet doors the day they vid-grabbed our house.

AMomof2 said...

They don't have one that close of ours. Also, it's several years old because the old middle school hadn't been demolished yet.