Friday, January 13, 2006

Excuse me, may I see your permit?

Our chimney is gone.

The brick and mortar were old, crumbly and brittle from age and exposure. The compartmentalized internal structure was made to flue smoke generated from coal burning (for heat) rather than for big, raging, snuggle-up fires.
Access to the chimney from the first floor was long ago walled up many previous owners ago.

And it totally ruined the flow of the upstairs area. Totally.

S said, "off with it's head...BUT, save as many of the old bricks as you can for a future project I have in mind"

There's always a but with my wife.

Here's how we took down the roof section of the chimney..

Here's how we took down the 2nd story section of the chimney...

And not one city official, inspector, or safety officer came by asking for a permit.

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