Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wasn't even an issue...really, it wasn't

Yesterday, while dipping into our small town WalMart to get some GummiBear Multi-vitamins for the really, they're for the girls. I prefer Flintstone chewables.

I'm walking through the parking lot and I notice a yellow envelope (you know the kind that the Fed sends you checks in) on the ground, with a receipt sticking out of really, it was an actual Federal-check-sending-envelope.

Something in the back of my mind tells me to "pick it up." And since the back of my mind is where I do most of my thinking (nothing is EVER in the forefront of my really, it isn't), I pick up the envelope and peer inside.

You guessed it. Cash. Moola. Estados Unidos dinero. Greenbacks. The good stuff. No really, the good stuff and plenty of it.

In addition to the cash, there is a receipt for $125 worth of groceries AND...there is a partial letter.

Insert SIGH here. No really, a big sigh would be appropriate.

The letter had what I believe to be the envelope owners name on it, but no address, phone number, or other identifying information I could use to track this person down.

To the local phone book my fingers went a walkin'.

No one by that name in any of the local exchanges. He wasn't local. No really, he wasn't listed.

To the internet my eyeballs went a ballin'

Google found one hit for him, as a lost alum of a Fraternity at the University of Illinois at Carbondale. Really doubtful this is my guy. Really doubful.

Last night, after showing my wife and daughters what I had found, I seized the opportunity to teach my girls a lesson on "the right thing to do." I called the father of one of C's playmates who happens to be the local Police Chief, no really, he's the top cop in our town.

I told him what was what, and he told me to drop by the station tomorrow and he can help me track down the owner.

Case closed, at least from my end.

So,now that you've read this, you want to know how much money was in the envelope, don't you? No really, you do want to know, don't you.

Well, let's just say it wasn't enough to change our lives, but when it is returned to the rightful owner, it will most certainly make his day.


Anonymous said...

good man. nice to know integrity still exists somewhere in our great country. here in socal, there would have likely been a second reciept for the remaining balance found in the envelope shortly there after the recovery.

seth said...

booo.. stories with no payoff need to be deleted.
jk of course... Is this one of those "if the rightful owner cannot be found after 30 days, the $$ is yours" kinda stories?

GARY said...


OKDad said...

Dropped the envelope and cash off at the Police Station this morning. Talked to our friend, the Top Cop, and once he saw the name, he claimed to actually know the person in question.

Any other big city cop, and I'd be dubious. But this guy, I trust.

Last night, when I told my 6-year old what I planned to do, she told me, "Daddy, if I found that money, I would keep it, because I Iove money."

Tells me this was the perfect lesson at the perfect time for my perfect little daughter.

Anonymous said...

Carpe Diem... for your Daughter's sake. Well done.

OKDad said...

Turns out Top Cop did find and return the moola to it's rightful owner.

I received a voicemail message from the fellow, thanking me profusely and asking me to call him back.

OKDad said...

A sad end to an otherwise inspiring story.