Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I eat Spam. Why don't you?

A recent email from a ex-coworker buddy of mine in LA prompted a deep craving within for a childhood treat.

Yes, Spam is a CHILDhood treat. For you see, I've been eating Spam since I was a kid.

I blame my father. He was born and raised in Hawaii, and apparently the 50th state has the largest Spam consumption rate per capita. There is an interesting history behind why they like Spam so much over there, but that's for you to research online if you're inclined to do so.

My friend's email goes onto explain how on a recent trip to Hawaii, he was snarfing down a Spam Musubi in the hotel elevator. The tourists sharing his 14 story ride became horrified when he told them what he was eating, "on purpose."

Spam is everywhere. At a recent Hot Rod Show in OKC, we happened upon the SpamMobile, whose happy Spam Staffers were handing out free Spamwich samples and these...

Spam for the person on the go. Good deal.

And if you like it heated up, just stick the single pack under your armpit for a few minutes, and your Spam will be warm and ready to go.

There is a Spam museum which my brother-in-law visited and said was faboo it it's kitchyness. He's not a big Spam eater, but he will eat the bear, elk, deer, duck, squirrel, and fish that he's taken from the wild. Go figure.

Our small town grocery store only carries the regular Spam. I've been buying and consuming the Lite version since it's been available.

Gotta think healthy, right?


Ed said...

SPAM saved the planet:

"Without SPAM we wouldn't have been able to feed our army."
~~Nikita Khrushchev

Long live the salty, rectangular, pork shoulder in a can. Use the magic key to experience it.

Ed said...

Although...the nastiest part of SPAM is the jelly. What the hell is that? It oooozes our as soon as you start turning the key. With a blap it splatters on the floor or counter as you try to open the tin trailer home to get to the redhead inside. I forgive you for your ugliness for you go well fried with scrambled eggs, Wonder bread toast and a glass of Tang....did I forget the Velveeta?

astrozomby said...

Yes. The look on said tourist's face was probably one of the most classic looks of horror ever seen.

Her: Hey, what are you eating?
Me : A SPAM Musubi
Her: SPAM? You're eating it on purpose?

(Look of utter horror follows)

Obviously, she was not in tune with the local lifestyle, and probably would freak out just as much at the thought of eating that most wonderful of foods, poke.

redforkhippie said...

My dad used to dip slices of Spam in egg, dredge them in breadcrumbs, and fry them. Not as good a treat as, say, fried bologna ... but not bad. And somehow when Daddy cooked for us, everything was a treat, even if it was something awful that no normal child would ever voluntarily eat. I can guarantee you that if Mom had tried to serve me a fried Spam sandwich, I would have made myself gag to get out of eating, even if she tried to bribe me with ice cream for dessert. But if Daddy came up with it, then it had to be good.

Too bad I'm a vegetarian these days. Does Spam really count as meat?

OKDad said...

Out here we call that Spam Cutlet, or Spam Tonkatsu (instead of break crumbs we use panko -- that stuff on shrimp/veggie tempura).

Your Daddy must have been part Hawaiian.

I don't consider Spam to be a meat. More like a staple.

In our house, we try to limit our intake to one or two cans a month. Since I do all the cooking (stay-at-home-dad), the canned meat by-product will forever have a place in my pantry shelf.