Thursday, January 12, 2006

Two-steppin' in OK

One step forward...

Oklahoma's oldest radio station switches to Spanish

One step back..
Oklahoma Christian University is apparently reconsidering a proposed policy that would allow the school to fire staff and faculty who get a divorce.

Strange that for a supposed "red" state that proudly decries any attempt to undermine our nations "family values," Oklahoma has an extremely high divorce rate - #2 in the nation in 2002.

Perhaps OCU is trying to address the "family values" issue in their current employee review policy. The article states that OCU will not use this policy to discriminate against prospective employees who are divorced. That's a relief.

But I can hear it now.
OCU Prof. - "You have to stop this affair!"
Unfaithful spouse - "Why because you love me?"
OCU Prof. - "No, because I'm up for tenure and I can't divorce you."

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