Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wedding incognito

A TV detective once demonstrated (I think it was Jim Rockford, not sure...may have been Thomas Magnum) how a man carrying a clipboard can walk around the outside of any house in the world and not be held in a suspicious manner.

I'm going to update this slightly by including the addendum that anyone carrying a video camera and tripod can enter a church and videotape a wedding ceremony, in it's entirety, completely unfettered, and even be welcomed by the family's involved.

A project I'm working on involves gathering footage of some historical buildings, one of which was a 1940's era church built entirely by WWII German POW's. On a particular Saturday morning, I showed up with my equipment, ready to get some quality time in with my Panasonic 3-chip, when I found myself smack dab in the middle of a full blown wedding.

So, I sat and watched and smiled and did what inevitably any married person does when attending a wedding...thinks back to the day when they did their "I do" thing. Lucky for me it was a short ceremony and I would soon have the building to myself for footage gathering.

As with most nuptial ceremonies that I've attended, the audience is usually afforded a rear or profile view of the happy couple, and only on rare glimpses do we get to see how they are enjoying the first day of the rest of their lives together, so it wasn't until later during the picture taking phase of the event, that I got to see the expressions of joy on the young couple's faces.

Somehow I'm not convinced that this is the happiest day in this girl's life...

Before the picture is snapped...



This was THE biggest expression of joy that I witnessed on the blissful brides face for the entire picture snapping session. None of her smiles before or after came close to the excited joy exemplified by the expression on her lovely spectacled face.

Maybe she's just not all that big in the smiling department or maybe she just hates taking pictures. Who am I to judge, since I'm sure there are at least one or two shots of me at my wedding where I've got that "can't wait 'til this is over" look on my face.

But, we won't tell my wife that.

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