Monday, April 16, 2007

Fast Times at rural Okie High

Just when you thought Jeff Spicoli was a relic of the past and nowhere to be found out here in the wilds of the Oklahoma prairie, along stumble these clowns...

In Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the black Honda was a VW bus, and the three bozo heads spilling out of the car were Anthony Edwards (ER), Sean Penn, and Eric Stolz (Mask), but the smoke billowing out as the door was opened was the same doobie laced fog to be sure.


My first reaction was, "speakers in a bulldozer....sweet!"

Then I had a chuckle as the story triggered a memory from my youth of a couple of acquaintances (one an A+ honor student, the other a barely passing C- athlete) who were busted for stealing a 280Z -- which left a trail of dripping oil from the driveway they boosted it from, several blocks away to their own garage. Doh!

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