Monday, April 09, 2007

We interrupt this winter-like weather for an important spring sunset

There are times I feel bad about parking my classic, unrestored El Camino in the driveway, out in the wilds of the Oklahoma weather. But it's only a car -- a hunk of metal, rubber, plastic and various petroleum products whose sole purpose is transportation of people, animals, minerals, and vegetables.

However, like most car guys, I feel that my vehicles have a definite soul and personality to them.

That being the case, for every snowy, icy, sub-20 degree night the Elky must endure in it's stationery state in my driveway, it is rewarded with sky encompassing views of sunsets such as this one from last week.

My Elky smiles wide when surrounded by a wondrous Oklahoma spring sunset/

Fire in the sky, soon to disappear behind the western prairie.

The 100-year old Catholic Church across the street wears the setting sun like a well-tailored suit.

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