Tuesday, April 17, 2007

441, still havin' fun

Two years to the day, I created a blogger account and started this semi-circular ride into the blogosphere.

440 posts later, I'm still finding that I have a few things to comment about on the comings and goings of my small Oklahoma town and the effect it's having on my family... and visa versa.

Here is my first ever post. I still wonder sometimes.

Thanks to all who have temporarily joined the slow cruise. Sorry it's isn't always (rarely ever) an E-ticket ride, but you Net junkies have YouTube for that kinda stuff.

In celebration of this anniversary of sorts, I present for your viewing pleasure, 20-seconds of Franny eating her breakfast. Any bipedal hominid who doesn't enjoy watching and listening to man's best friend eat dry dog food needs some therapy to generate growth in their brains pleasure sensor area...it works on so many different levels.

Max out the bass on your computer's subwoofer, crank up those speakers and enjoy.
Happy trails!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As someone who grew up in a small town(less than 2,000 people counting rural homes as well), I must say I enjoy your blog muchly. I no longer live in a small town have upgraded to a small city (200,000 +)mostly because there is no work (and less pay) in small town libraries.
Keep up the blog, I'm loving it and missing home!