Friday, April 27, 2007

Adventures in Principalling - Swapping spit with a swine

Sorry, been busy with preparations for the Parent/Teacher Org's final fundraiser of the year...the elementary school carnival.

I must say that we PTO officers and parents got pretty creative this year in figuring out ways to separate the good folk of this town with their hard earned fundage - all toward a good cause of course...their kid's school.

The result of one such activity resulted in the following video, taped rather shakily by myself this morning.

You may recall that our dedicated Principal had to eat a handful of worms earlier in the year, due to the upper level students reading more books than he had anticipated them to read.

The aspect of the entire episode that struck a humorous chord with me occurred back during our initial discussions of the "Kiss the Pig" event at a PTO meeting some months back.

When we announced that we were looking for a little swine to stand up for the kissage, the room swelled with responses ranging from, "my neighbors got a litter of piglets," to "I can bring a big big a one you need?" to "How many, cuz I can get a several from my Mom," -- as if procuring a piglet was the most normal thing a person could do.

Normal is as normal does, I guess, whether it's kissing a pig, eating worms, or doing an hour in the dunk tank at the carnival tonight. I asked the Principal after the swine kissing this morning if they taught this kind of stuff in Principal school...Public Education Administration is a tough gig in my small town.

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