Sunday, April 24, 2005

Being Jackie Chan

It's a 40 minute drive to the nearest McDonald's from here.

Kinda nice, since it has made going to McD's an event, as opposed to a quickie drive through which was a common occurance for us back in LA. Obesity avoidance of any kind is a good thing.

While munching on McNuggets and watching my girls navigate the tube-o-rama extravaganza (shoeless, of course), an 8 or 9 year old blonde Okie boy sporting an OU (University of Oklahoma) tee-shirt came up to me, stared me in the face and said I looked like Jackie Chan.

I'm thinking he must have just seen Rush Hour 2 on the DVD in his folks Ford F-150.

So, I played along. Oh, by the way, I'm a third generation American of Asian descent, but you can call me Oriental...I don't get riled up about such things.

Me - "I am Jackie Chan, nice to meet you."
OU kid - "Wow, I like you a lot."
Me - "Would you like an autograph?"
OU kid - "Sure"

I grab a napkin, write down a few scribbles and chicken scratches that may or may not have resembled kanji, and hand it to him. He's thrillled and runs off to show some adult that appears to belong to him, but is more interested in his cell phone than the kid.

While there is a growing population of Asians here in Oklahoma, I am one of two in our small town. The other one owns the Chinese restaurant, but he doesn't live here. So when he goes home for the night, I'm it.

And to prove how small the world is, he moved here from the same LA suburb that I grew up in.


Anonymous said...

This kinda reminds me of the time smartass B wore Ethan Coen's nametag at the annual MN Ice Pack Party in LA (well, he wore Ethan's pre-printed nametag every year because Ethan would never show, he doesn't even live in LA, but B thought Ethan would think this was funny) and some kid came up gushing about how much he admired the Coen brothers, how their work made him want to be in the movie business, and B was so flabbergasted that someone actually thought he was E, all he could say was "thank you." OK, not quite the same as being mistaken for Jackie Chan in McDonalds. But similar. Or not.

Peter said...

Heh....interesting indeed. I guess all asians do look the same...hahah.