Monday, April 25, 2005

YASTM in Moreno Valley, CA

Small town moments can occur anywhere. This story is proof of that.

My father was driving his hot rod up from his home in north San Diego county last week. He was taking it up to the shop that built it for maintenance. It's about an hour drive, but he was taking it easy in the fog.

One of the rear brake calipers tore loose and he was stuck on the side of the road, just outside of Moreno Valley.

As luck, fate, or divine intervention may have it, a buddy of mine that I used to work with in Pasadena, just happened to be driving into work and saw the bright blue rod on the side of the road. He stopped, offered his assistance and inquired whether or not the "old guy with white hair" way indeed my father.

How did my buddy figure it out? Months ago, I had shown him a magazine article that my Dad's rod had appeared in. As he drove by, I imagine he figured it was a distinct possibility that an old asian guy, driving a blue rod, could indeed be my father.

If this had happened in my small town, I wouldn't even have mentioned it. But the fact that it happened in the huge Inland Empire, is strange and wonderful indeed.

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