Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tag Agencies vs. CA DMV

Needed to get OK license plates for our cars.

They have these places here called Tag Agencies, which are privately owned and operated mini-DMV's.

I drove the 1/2 mile to our nearest one (most small towns have at least one Tag agency, some have more). Parked, took my pink slip in, walked out 7 minutes later with my new OK license plate (OK only requires a rear plate). Even had my stickers already on it.

2 days laters, I received my OK pink slip (title) in the mail.

Anyone whose dealt with the DMV in California should pick their jaws up off the floor after reading this.

Oh, and getting my driver's license...little more difficult. but not much. Adding the one step of walking the 2 blocks to the local county courthouse (convenient that I live in the county seat), all told I had my new OK driver's license, in hand, in about 15 minutes. 15 MINTUES TOTAL TIME? They took my picture, printed it out, and handed it to me at the Tag Agency. Heck, they even took several pictures and let me decide which one I wanted to use. IN 15 MINUTES!

If I were in California, it would have taken 15 minutes just to make an online appointment at the DMV (two weeks in advance, of course).

Privatization is a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

I was the victim of the Texas DMV during a four year Texas residency.
Now that I'm back in Oklahoma my last visit to the nearest private tag agency took less than ten minutes for a tag renewal, address change, AND a renewal driver's license. They took a photo, a fingerprint, had me sign a form, and gave me a new tag decal and a driver's license on the spot! In about ten minutes! There was only one other customer there.