Monday, April 18, 2005

Wasp Killer

Today I killed a wasp with a hammer.
Yes, a hammer.
My rubber flip flop wouldn't do it.
And I hit it hard. Several times.
True, I didn't put all my 200 lbs. of transplanted-So Cal weight into each slap, but I did give it hard enough whacks to kill any ordinary wasp.
I grabbed a nearby hammer and decided to get insecticidal on this uber-wasp.
Now were talking. It's stunned, but not yet oozing like I'd like it to be.
Still in one piece, and still clinging to life.
Flattened and oozing, and off to wasp heaven, or wherever they go when smashed by human kind.

I replaced my flip flop on my foot, hoping that it was embarassed for being so ineffective on a bug.

1 comment:

Tammy Wilson said...

Oklahoma wasps have shells of steel.