Monday, October 03, 2005

Who stole the IKEA catalog?

File this under, "if you can't get it here, it must be cool."

At S's office, a floorwide e-memo circulated regarding the missing IKEA catalog from the break room

Seems someone wasn't willing to share the 150 page treasure trove of Danish furniture and accessories in living color with their fellow employees. After a brief, but happy existence atop the magazine and catalog pile in the breakroom, it went missing.

And the uproar began.

Having spent the lat 18-years in LA, S was rightly confused as to why this would cause such a ruckus amongst her fellow floormates.

A co-worker in an adjoining office summed it up and made the entire incident clear as she described her recent vacation to Minnesota.

She described some of the sights, sounds, and interesting people her and her husband experienced in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. However the main destination of their trip was their two-day jaunt (yes, they spent two entire days) at an IKEA store.

They cruised the aisles of pressboard furniture and overstuffed pillows.
They marveled at the directional arrows painted on the floor.
They dined on swedish meatball plates and lingonberry juice.
They became different characters, fitting the mood and decor of the mini-decorated dioramas on the showroom floor.
They filled their yellow sack with small household items with names such as "britta" and "gorn" and "cmirt."

It was the highlight of their trip.

As you may have guessed, IKEA has not yet made it to the dusty cosmopolitan roads of Oklahoma.

There are three in Texas, but our big ugly neighbor to the south is a big a*s state -- and someones got to furnish it.


Elvis McFatPants said...

Wow, Ifeel special. We just got an IKEA here in Phoenix last November. I have yet to go. Jill and I have sold off, given away or thrown out the last of our IKEA pieces. I lack the want to acquire more.

OKDad said...

Yeah. Good thing since I don't think you'll be able to fit much of the "build-it-yourself-at-home" furniture that IKEA sells in your new Mini.
Congrats, btw. And you got the S (supercharged) model. Drat you.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to send you a box of IKEA catalogs -- you can use them to barter with the natives!

-M. said...

I hate to say it but while living in California there was a few times when friends and family visited that along with the trip to Disneyland that a trip to Ikea was also on the list of things to do while there.