Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bathroom reading and beyond

Normally, my day is pretty packed and the only book reading I can fit in is while T.C.B in the throne room or during the few moments between having just climbed into bed and entering REM sleep.

My wife can tell when I'm really into a particular book as I disappear for longer periods than usual behind the bathroom door.

I'm into Guy Kawasaki's book, The Macintosh Way, right now.

In a nutshell, the buddahhead brother spells out his views on the zen of evangelism and the values needed to produce a great product.

It 's a great read, Macintosh fan or not.

I developed a deep sense of respect and awe for the Senior Software Developers I had the pleasure of working for and with at my last job. The things they could do with the jibberish that is computer code language was an artform of an anatomically nonsensical but wondrous level.

These were all software engineers who could and would write code for many different platforms, and many different program applications, but for whatever reason, they made the conscious and educated decision to write Macintosh software.

Me, being an avid Mac user and enthusiast, fit into the Mac evangelism efforts within their world with little discomfort. I applauded them at their passion for the platform. I envied them for their knowledge and skill with the multifaceted levels of the operating system. I enjoyed their good humored joking at the Windoze developer's expense.

They shared a passion for the platform and for developing software for our users to extreme levels at times, and sacrificed their time, pay raises, promotions, sanity, and ultimately, their positions, for their convictions and belief that they knew what was best for our Mac customers.

They did it the Macintosh Way and taught me a valuable lesson about doing what you feel is right, no matter what the consequences may be.

To Dave, Stu and Herb, the OG Mac Team -- thanks for letting me play software engineer all those years.

I'm a better person for knowing you.


Gary said...

I don't know Dave or Stu, but if they have any resemblance to the 'herbinator', besides having a big forehead, they must be awesome people with great character too. Good post OKDAD.

Anonymous said...

If memory serves, you were right there alongside us making the same sacrifices we did. You were even our biggest chearleader during our times of "frustration". It has been said more than once that you were the glue that held our team together.

It was definitely an honor working with you, my friend.

OKDad said...

Jake is definitely one of the good guys.