Friday, May 19, 2006

Online eyewear

I lost my third pair of glasses since moving here.

I'm not a full time glasses wearer. Mostly for driving at night. But occassionally I will wear them during the day when I'm going some place where distance vision is imperative. Car shows. Automotive swap meets. The dump.

This last pair disappeared off the fender of my Father-in-law's trailer that I used to haul a load of house restoration debris to the dump with.

While unburdening the trailer of it's load, I took my glasses off, put them on the fender, and went about my business.

Never to be seen again.

Off to google I went. Input "discount eyeglasses"

Found several sites. One or two looked promising.

Selected one because they had Asian models on their "select your glasses" page. Relevance is important.

I entered my prescription figures, my pupillary distance, selected a frame style based on my head shape, facial dimensions (I even had the option to upload a picture of my face to give me a "virtual picture" of what my selected frames would look like), chose a color (black), material (metal), lenses (single vision,polycarbonate), tint (none), option (springy hinges), selected Paypal to pay for it, chose expedited shipping, clicked "submit" and I was off.

That was late Monday night. They arrived first thing Friday morning.

They fit perfect, look decent, came with a nice case and cleaning cloth, and work just fine. Best $40 (includes overnight shipping) pair of glasses I ever bought.

Heck, it's the only $40 pair of glasses I've ever bought.

If I'm cross-eyed in a month or two, I'll let you know as well.

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