Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Can take the boy out of the city...

Growing up in the city hasn't worn off of me and I've still got my radar turned up on high. More so, I think because I'm very conscious of letting my guard down due to my growing perception that it is safer here.

I still look around the parking lot before getting in or out of the car.

I still do a perimeter check around the house at night before going to bed.

I still don't have our phone listed in the telephone directory.

I still am shocked when perfect strangers make eye contact with me on the street.

I installed motion sensor security lights around the house, put some lamps on timers, and still use Vinnie and Mandy as window dressing when were not around (our mannequins).

The other night, I took C to the Escape School Seminar which was taking place at our local high school gymnasium.

By habit I took a second to make sure the "coast was clear" before getting into and out of a car.

This entails a quick scan of the parking lot for potential baddies or jackers lurking about before leaping into the car and strapping down the kiddies. This had become a habit since realizing how vulnerable parents are when preoccupied with securing their brood in the vehicles.

Mind you I don't always do it, but most of the time, in a wide open area of public access, I will perform the perimeter check.

The other day C mentioned to me that her friend Kori noticed my parking lot ritual when we took her to the movies awhile back. Of course, C asked me why did I do it.

Kid's don't miss a thing.

Wonder when my instinctual need to do so will wear off...if ever.

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