Friday, August 11, 2006

Hormones in milk and B.O.

Why should a 6-year old girl funk in her armpits after a hard day out playing?

My wife is convinced that it's a side effect of all the PBF 50 sun block we're slathering her with.

Since neither one of us exhibits the same level of funkiness that our petite 43 lb. daughter emits (weight to weight ratio wise, I should funk 4.5x more than she does, but don't even come close), where is she getting all this pit steam?

I'm convinced it's all the hormones she's been getting in her daily moo juice intake since we moved here and starting drinking the local milk.

I miss Trader Joe's Raw Certified Hormone Free LowFat milk.

1 comment:

Elvis McFatPants said...

I'd send you some but it would just end up being Trader Joe's Raw Certified Hormone Free LowFat Cottage Cheese.