Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh the horror!

Local media is abuzz this morning about the following news...."Rhett Bomar and J.D. Quinn were dismissed from the University of Oklahoma football team Wednesday after a school investigation determined they had been paid for hours they did not work at a Norman car dealership"Columnist Jenni Carlson of the barely legible state rag, The Oklahoman, summed it up nicely..."I know all the fans where I work have just acquired high blood pressure and a few, we have put on suicide watch. They are in total disbelief. "

"Rhett Bomar is gone, dismissed from the Oklahoma football team along with roommate J.D. Quinn because the zeros on their paychecks didn’t jive with the hours on their timecards. That’s a big-time NCAA violation, and that’s a ticket on the first train out of Norman."

"But with the Sooners’ starting quarterback goes the high hopes for this season."

"Forget a No. 1 ranking in the preseason polls."

"Forget an undefeated season."

"Forget a national title."
My favorite quote of the day came from a morning drive time FM jock who enthusiastically bellowed,

"This is no time to jump off the Sooner Schooner!"

Which was surprising to me since I have never seen a state with so few fair weather fans as here in Oklahoma. The dedication the sports fanatics here in the Sooner state demonstrate for their teams through good times and bad is commendable.

Little more than 30 days to kickoff and the sleeping *giant awakes.

*No, not the OU Football team, I'm talking about the OU Fans in their XXXXXL Sooner T-shirts.

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